Daily Discovery: [ Index Ñuul Kukk ] – Gouvernement Sans Rastaman

Index Ñuul Kukk, a Senegalese musician from Saint Louis and member of the rap group Ñuul Kukk, is celebrated for blending hip-hop, reggae with traditional rhythms in his latest album Acapella Time (2022). His music, featuring Wolof and French lyrics, explores themes of hope and unity.

With Acapella Time (2022), Index showcases his versatility as both a rapper and a vocalist, delivering powerful verses and melodic hooks with equal finesse. The album’s production is innovative, with Index utilising acapella techniques to create rich and textured soundscapes entirely with his voice.

With a career spanning back to 2002, Index has consistently contributed to the Senegalese and West African music scenes, cementing his name locally and internationally.