Daily Discovery: Hit La Rosa – Ánimas (Remix)

“Salvia”, remixed by Costa RIcan DJ and producer Barzo, is a reimagined version of the original track from Hit La Rosa‘s second studio album Ceres Entrópicos released in November 2021.

Hit La Rosa is a Peruvian band that blends cumbia, synth-pop, and psychedelic touches to create their unique “psicodelia tropical” sound.

The style of the band is indeed a unique fusion of traditional Peruvian and other Latin American rhythms with modern electronic elements and psychedelic influences. They incorporate a wide range of instruments, including synthesizers, guitars, percussion, and brass, to create a sound that is both contemporary and deeply rooted in Peruvian folklore.

Their music is characterised by its dreamy, atmospheric quality, often featuring intricate melodies and hypnotic rhythms that transport the listener to a surreal and otherworldly place. The band’s experimentation with different cultural traditions and musical styles results in a rich, diverse sound that is both familiar and exotic. Their music is known for its naturalness and harmony, which evoke a sense of unity and connection with nature and the cosmos.

“Ánimas” draws inspiration from Amazonian myths and invites listeners on a mystical journey through the darker and healing aspects of their music.

You can listen to the new single HERE

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