Daily Discovery: Histoire d’Eux – Jupiter (Feat. Loïc Lantoine) / Gayatri Mantra


Histoire d’Eux, a musical duo from Lille, France, blends storytelling and exploration in their music.

Comprising a violinist (Antoine Marhem) and an accordionist (Jonathan Bois), the duo crafts vivid soundscapes that invite listeners to imagine diverse scenarios. Their six-year collaboration infuses music with emotional richness, acknowledging imperfections as part of the authentic experience. Their journey has brought them both professional and personal growth.

Their latest work, Pendant c’temps-là, features a fusion of violin, accordion, cello, and poetry, offering narratives of discovery and adventure.

The music video for “Jupiter” presents a fantastical journey through space, reflecting on the human urge to explore.

For more information about their project, visit this LINK