Daily Discovery: GoGo Penguin – Everything Is Going to Be OK

GoGo Penguin, a trio of instrumentalists hailing from Manchester, have been praised for their unique sound and innovative approach to music since their formation in 2013. With influences ranging from jazz and classical to electronica, the band has been hailed as one of the most original groups of the post-millennium era. Their latest album, Everything Is Going to Be OK, continues in this vein, showcasing a sound that blends various styles into a cohesive whole.

The album’s title track is a standout example of the band’s minimalist approach to composition, creating an ethereal and atmospheric soundscape through the use of repetitive, hypnotic melodies and subtle, textural layers.

The album as a whole expands on this sound, incorporating glitchy electronics, driving rhythms, and soaring melodies that reflect the band’s diverse musical backgrounds. The result is an emotionally resonant and technically remarkable album that provides a sense of hope and optimism in difficult times.

You can listen to and get your copy of Everything Is Going to Be OK HERE

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