Daily Discovery: Gil Felix – Angola

Gil Felix, originally from Salvador de Bahía, blends his Afro-Brazilian heritage with influences from West Africa and South America, creating a unique Pan-Atlantic sound. Drawing inspiration from artists like Gilberto Gil, Bob Marley, and Salif Keita, his music fuses regional Bahían Reconcavo culture with bossa nova, samba reggae, rocksteady, soukous, and Afro-pop.

His single “Angola” reflects the African roots of music, dance, and religion in Salvador de Bahía, a hub for all Afro-Brazilian genres. The song combines Afro-pop with samba reggae and characteristic street percussion, showcasing the rich cultural exchange between the regional Reconcavo and African musicality.

To date, Gil Felix has released six albums and four singles. He is set to release his next album, Ubalafon, later this year.

You can find more info on Gil Felix’s official website