Daily Discovery: Gianni Brezzo – NoNoNo (Official Studio Video)

Gianni Brezzo, the brainchild of Cologne-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Marvin Horsch, continues his sonic journey with the LP Soundscapes Vol. 1 – Music for Harlequins, following his 2022 album Tutto Passa.

In fact, Soundscapes Vol. 1 – Music for Harlequins continues the exploration started in the previous LP, offering a new and distinct vibe featuring instrumental jazz, soul, and groove-based sounds.

With “NoNoNo”, Gianni Brezzo adds a touch of electronica to the jazz-driven progressions. With Simone Alessandrini’s light notes, the track sits in a danceable yet calming ambient mood, while the incredible sax lines lift you up to keep you in a serene mood.

Soundscapes Vol. 1 – Music for Harlequins, from which NoNoNo is extracted, is available now via Jakarta Records.

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