Daily Discovery: EDKUB – El Viento Nos Lleva (Official Video)

“El Viento Nos Lleva” is EDKUB‘s newest track taken from his debut album YAYA.

This project, set up in 2018 by Swiss composer-producer and bassist Fred Sumi, combines Cuban and electronic music, inspired by his enthusiasm for production and sound aesthetics.

EDKUB was created through friendship and cooperation with renowned Cuban musicians during multiple recording sessions in Havana and Geneva.

YAYA, EDKUB’s first album, has ten tracks in which Cuban beats are reworked with deep, warm and spherical electronic sounds. From Cuban salsa to rumba and with a jazz style and acoustic instruments, this project constructs a link between Cuban and electronic music. The vocalists guide listeners with their tones and tunes, both melancholic and joyful, toward an energetic and bright atmosphere.

You can listen to and buy YAYA following this link: https://edkub.bandcamp.com/album/yaya

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