Daily Discovery: Ebi Soda – Please Don’t – feat. J Harli

Ebi Soda, an alternative jazz band from London, is gaining popularity as an innovative group that challenges traditional jazz conventions. Their latest single “Please Don’t” (Tru-Thoughts) featuring J Harli is a departure from jazz, with elements of UK garage, chopped up jazz keys, and auto-tuned vocals.

The band’s love for electronic music is evident in their use of synthesisers and audio effects, which they integrate into their jazz quintet framework.

The band’s guitarist Conor Knight emphasises the importance of exploring new styles and not being pigeonholed as an artist. “This tune was more about having fun and trying something different, and expressing ourselves outside of jazz in the process. It’s important to not only not pigeon-hole yourself as an artist, but also to keep things as fresh in our approach as possible.

“Please Don’t” is the first release from their upcoming collaborations-based project, which will explore their influences outside of jazz and work with singers and MCs. The single follows up their highly acclaimed album Honk If You’re Sad and is available HERE.

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