Daily Discovery: DJ Black Low — Oskido

Sam Austin Radebe, more commonly known as DJ Black Low, has just debuted his newest track ‘Oskido’ via Awesome Tapes from Africa.

The Pretoria-based artist creates amapiano music from his at-home studio and his compositions, which are inspired by his multi-instrumentalist background, are both lively and stimulating.

‘Oskido’ is part of Impumelelo (the Zulu word for “success”), a double LP (out on March 17) featuring the producer’s unique and unexpected style mixing components of kwaito, deep Afro-house, jazz and amapiano.

In ‘Oskido’, the artist fuses the swift pace and power of afrobeats with the drum-based and digital ambience of EDM for a novel and innovative experience. The tune is indeed dance floor-friendly having a lively and energising vibe, with a novel and stimulating approach to Afro-house.

You can pre-order Impumelelo here: https://djblacklow-southafrica.bandcamp.com/album/impumelelo

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