Daily Discovery: Cruzloma – Plegaria

“Plegaria” is the debut single from Cruzloma’s EP Mitos y Ritos. This track fuses bambuco—a traditional music genre from Esmeraldas, Ecuador—with Latin electronic club music. It features a sample of the late singer Catalina Quintero, integrating her acapella with contemporary beats and dembow rhythms.

The song utilises traditional instruments like the cununo drum and the guasá shaker, blending them with electronic bass to create a unique fusion of folk and forward-looking sounds. The lyrics, delivered through auto-tuned vocals, express a poetic homage to friendship and faith. This blend of cultural and contemporary elements defines the sound of the EP, exploring the themes of reconnecting with roots and reinventing traditional rhythms in a modern context.

You can listen to the EP and get your copy HERE