Daily Discovery: Chaski – Cuanto Mas

Chaski Ayvar-Waltz, better known as Chaski is a German vocalist and trombone player of Peruvian heritage. He is a founding member of the Cologne-based reggae band Memoria, but he has recently embarked on a solo career.

His debut single “Cuanto Mas” showcases his impressive multilingual singing and rhyming abilities. The song is taken from his first album, Fyah y Fuego, which showcases his passion for reggae, dancehall, and Latin American and Andean influences.

The album also features captivating collaborations with up-and-coming artist Edili M from the Dominican Republic, renowned reggae singer Tydal Kamau from Jamaica, and Chaski’s own brother and Memoria bandmates, INTI from Germany, who add a personal touch to the album’s collaborative nature.

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