Daily Discovery: Charel – Tempo do meu avô

“Tempo do Meu Avo” is the first song born from the encounter between Brazilian singer-songwriter Charel (Banda de Rolé) and the French duo ToDanada.

The song is a mixture of traditional and contemporary samba, with the sunny sounds of Brazil infused with an international touch featuring trombone player Isaackito (Malka Family) and guitarist Arnaldo Prête.

The lyrics of the song describe Charel’s experiences in the baianos neighborhoods of Salvador and Ilha de Itaparica in Brazil, where he met Mel and Viuva who share his passion for Capoeira.

Charel Angola, also known as Charel Perêrê, is a talented self-taught musician, composer, percussionist, and singer of Afro-Brazilian repertoire. He hails from Itaparica Island, in the state of Bahia. He is currently based in Bruxelles where is a Capoeira teacher within the Angoleiros do Mar group.

He began composing and writing texts that recount his life experiences and stories of Bahian popular culture at a young age, and now he delivers his heartfelt message through song.

ToDanada is a Paris-based duo consisting of singers/songwriters Mel and Viuva. They are passionate about Brazilian culture, particularly capoeira and samba. Through their music, they aim to share their love and appreciation for this culture with others.

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