Daily Discovery: Céu – Gerando na Alta

Céu‘s upcoming album, Novela, scheduled for release on the 26th of April, features the single “Gerando na Alta” with Franco-Senegalese artist Anaiis. This new work, Céu’s first in five years since Um Gosto de Sol. The album is produced by Pupillo, known for his work with Nação Zumbi, and Adrian Younge, an influential American producer with a flair for jazz and vintage sounds.

“Gerando na Alta” blends samba-jazz with electronic elements, showcasing Céu’s unique approach to music. The song explores the theme of enduring female friendships through its lyrics and is part of Céu’s broader exploration of diverse musical styles on Novela. This collaboration with Anaiis highlights the album’s international influence and Céu’s commitment to incorporating a wide range of musical traditions and languages into her work.