Daily Discovery: Blick Bassy – Mbondi feat Ry X


Cameroonian singer/songwriter Blick Bassy has teamed up with Australian artist RyX to release ‘Mbondi,’ a single from his forthcoming deluxe album Mádibá Ni Mbondi, which is set for release on the 17th of May through French label Infiné.

‘Mbondi,’ meaning ‘the water and the flower’ in the Bassa language, is a fusion of Bassy’s Cameroonian roots with RyX’s atmospheric sound, creating a reflective and emotive track.

The album ‘Mádibá Ni Mbondi’ is anticipated to weave together traditional Cameroonian and Central African rhythms from the Bassa and Bantu traditions and contemporary electronic sounds. It features collaborations with musicians such as the Franco-Cameroonian Yamê, a rising talent known for his unique mix of electro-pop, afrobeats, hip-hop and RnB, which enriches the album’s diversity.

For more information and to listen to the single, click HERE