Daily Discovery: Blick Bassy – Hola Mè

Cameroonian singer and composer Blick Bassy has announced his fourth album, titled Madíbá, which will be released on the 26th of May, via InFiné.

The album is sung in the Baasa language of Cameroon and features 12 songs in the form of fables dedicated to the theme of water.

The poignant first single “Hola Mè” addresses the issue of human disruption of access to clean and safe water and was released on World Water Day. Blick Bassy is also supporting NGO water.org to raise awareness of the global water crisis.

“Madíbá” incorporates a contemporary and poetic African style that intersects soul, folk, and electro, with delicate guitar, synthesizer, bassoon, and smooth brass arrangements.

For more information on Blick Bassy’s new album you can visit https://idol-io.link/Madiba

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