Daily Discovery: Barzo x Rulo – Momento

“Momento” is a collaboration between Barzo and Rulo that delves into the experience of being ghosted and the dynamics of power in relationships. Rulo‘s vocals advocate for peace and living in the present, accompanied by Barzo‘s mix of drum machines, synthesizers, and strings, creating an airy soundscape.

Rulo, a Chilean singer-songwriter and founder of the legendary funk band Los Tetas, started his solo career in 2016 and joined Mon Laferte’s band in 2019. Barzo, a Costa Rican DJ and producer, has over ten years of experience and collaborated with artists like Nickodemus and Pahua in 2023, also performing at international festivals.

Released on the 22nd of March by Lácteo Cósmico, “Momento” blends electro-pop with Afro-Latin influences and a bass-driven attitude. You can listen to the single and get your copy HERE.