Daily Discovery: Barzo & Sandra Nankoma – Langi (Official Audio)

Barzo and Sandra Nankoma‘s new single “Langi” (colours in Lugandan) is a fresh and exciting blend of Afro-funk, and Afro-house and tropical music. The song is the title-track of their new EP and features lyrics in Luganda that explore the theme of moving on from a relationship after seeing someone’s true colours.

The collaboration between the Costa Rican DJ and producer and the award-winning Ugandan artist and activist offers a unique and refreshing listening experience. Barzo’s talent for seamlessly mixing different musical styles is evident in the grooves of the track, while Nankoma’s powerful vocals give the song an added depth and emotional resonance.

Langi is out now via Costa Rican label Lacteo Cosmico. You can find more info & get your copy of the EP HERE

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