Daily Discovery: Balkumbia – Marmota

“Marmota,” a standout track from Balkumbia‘s 2022 album Mala Suerte, showcases the band’s vibrant fusion of cumbia and Balkan sounds. Recently, they released the music video for this dynamic song, providing a visual representation of their eclectic musical style.

Formed in Barcelona in spring 2015, Balkumbia brings together musicians from diverse cultural backgrounds, including Spain, Chile, Lithuania, Venezuela, Italy, and Peru. Their music draws inspiration from the Mediterranean, Balkan, Turkish, and Latin traditions, resulting in a rich and vibrant sonic tapestry.

With a track record of performances in over 16 countries and collaborations with acclaimed artists such as Manu Chao and Balkan Beat Box, Balkumbia has garnered recognition for their ability to blend global musical influences into a cohesive and captivating sound.

Listen to and get your copy of Mala Suerte HERE