Daily Discovery: BaianaSystem – BATUKERÊ ft. Antônio Carlos e Jocafi, Dino d’Santiago

Bahian sensation BaianaSystem celebrates 15 years of activity with their grandest Carnival yet, themed Batukerê: Toda Fé, Toda Paz.

Their latest single, “Batukerê – Toda Fé de Salvador,” announces this event, blending Bahian rhythms with the collective’s relentless musical drive and a message of unity. It premiered alongside BaianaSystem’s debut in the official opening of Salvador’s Carnival.

BaianaSystem’s philosophy stands firmly against the commercialisation of Carnival, striving to unite people through celebration and cultural appreciation. In a recent interview, vocalist Russo Passapusso underscored the significance of this expression, stating, “This Carnival needs an expression: ‘all faith, all peace.’ When I say peace, I mean mine, but I want to respect yours; when I say faith, I want it all, so this is a very important code for us to take to the streets. […] These are times of constructions, deconstructions, and incessant mentalisations,” observed Russo. “A constant transformation, a maturation that seeks to protect the new cultural seeds by observing and absorbing everything that can contribute to the great artistic cult that celebrates our identity.

The Carnival also marks the 10-year anniversary of Navio Pirata, the band’s iconic electric trio formation. Looking ahead, BaianaSystem is focused on launching a new album and embarking on an Euro tour to commemorate their remarkable 15-year journey, including a stop in London at Fabric on the 6th of June.

Listen to “Batukerê – Toda Fé de Salvador,” HERE