Daily Discovery: BADBADNOTGOOD – Celestial Hands (Live at Valentine Recording Studios)

Canadian trio BADBADNOTGOOD, composed of Chester Hansen, Alex Sowinski, and Leland Whitty, released their EP Mid Spiral: Chaos on the 29th of May.

This release is part of a trio of EPs that includes Order and Growth, all recorded over a single intensive week in February at Valentine Recording Studios in Los Angeles. Joining them were prominent Toronto jazz scene musicians and touring members such as Felix Fox-Pappas on keys, Kaelin Murphy on trumpet, Juan Carlos Medrano on percussion, and Tyler Lott on guitar.

The “Mid Spiral” series showcases the band’s deep dive into instrumental jazz, merging complex improvisation techniques with the rhythmic underpinnings of hip-hop, the emotive melodies of neo-soul, the mind-bending effects of psychedelic music, and the groove-oriented beats of funk.

You can find more information about the new EP HERE