Daily Discovery: Bab L’ Bluz – AmmA

The French-Moroccan group Bab L’ Bluz has released ‘AmmA’, the second single from their forthcoming album Swaken, scheduled for release on the 10th of May through Real World Records. This work artfully blends North African rhythmic vitality with the deep grooves of psychedelic blues, funk, and rock, highlighting the region’s rich heritage while advocating for global equality and justice.

Established in Marrakech in 2018 and featuring the vivid lead vocals of Yousra Mansour, the band addresses social issues, particularly focusing on the challenges faced by women, through their music. The band’s innovative sound, characterised by a rich tapestry of North African beats and psychedelic rock influences, incorporates traditional Gnawa instruments such as the guembri and awisha, alongside drums and electric guitars. Drawing inspiration from Hasanniya music and the musical heritage of North-East Morocco with touches from Tunisia and Algeria, Bab L’ Bluz creates a one-of-a-kind musical experience.

You can find more info, listen to and pre-order the album HERE