Daily Discovery: Baaba Maal – Freak Out Ft. The Very Best (Official Video)

Imaginative singer/songwriter and cultural ambassador from Senegal, Baaba Maal recently released a music video for his single “Freak Out” also featuring British-Malawian afro-electro duo The Very Best.

The song blends traditional and futuristic sounds and explores the complex dynamics of social media. The accompanying video captures the mix of ancient traditions and modernity in African life.

The song, which is part of Baaba Maal’s forthcoming album, Being (out on March 31st via Marathon Artists), is a cautionary tale about the dangers of the internet and the importance of keeping some things private.

As Baaba Maal explained, the song contains a Fulani proverb that states, “The person who knows everything but doesn’t speak is not right. If you possess knowledge, you must share it. However, the person who speaks about everything and knows everything is also the one who destroys everything. This is because you should be aware of what you need to say and what you don’t. Not everything needs to be spoken.”

You can pre-order Being HERE

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