Daily Discovery: Ashimba – Afrika

Putumayo’s latest release, African Celebration, features Tanzanian singer-songwriter Ashimba with his track “Afrika.”

This previously unreleased song, highlighted in a vibrant video filmed in Zanzibar, urges Africans to appreciate their heritage and independence by exploring themes of respect for elders and African independence.

Ashimba, known for his blend of traditional East African rhythms and modern music influences, crafts lyrics that speak deeply to the Tanzanian experience and broader African identity. The track, accompanied by a vivid video shot in Zanzibar, showcases Ashimba’s talent for merging diverse musical languages and his playful vocal style. His lyrics often reflect on daily life, the beauty of nature, and the complexities of modernity clashing with tradition.

The African Celebration compilation features a curated selection of artists from Kenya, Cabo Verde, Tanzania, Benin, Mali, and Côte d’Ivoire, emphasising the blend of traditional and contemporary African music.

More details about the album and the single can be found HERE