Daily Discovery: ARUMBO – Sigue Siendo Tú – Videoclip Oficial

With influences from the Middle East, Arumbo is a rumba/fusion group that delivers danceable songs with heartfelt melodies. The band’s warm and generous vocalist takes listeners on a sunny journey that evokes powerful emotions. Formed in the summer of 2015, Arumbo comprises seven musicians with diverse musical backgrounds.

“Sigue Siendo Tú” is taken from their upcoming album “Mirada Transversal out later this year.

According to the band, the song is inspired by two feminine archetypes featured in the Marseille tarot – the Popess and the Empress. The song encourages listeners to understand these archetypes as representing the yin energy present within each person. When these two yin energies collaborate and merge, they create a single, healthy, and powerful feminine energy with abundant resources. The song celebrates the healing, intuitive, creative, mysterious, seductive, and wild potential inherent in yin energy, and encourages listeners to embrace and remain true to themselves.

Find more info on the band’s official website: https://www.arumbo.com/

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