Daily Discovery: Apex Zero – Seventh Dimension (On Perspective) ft. Moussa Dembele

Apex Zero, a multidisciplinary artist from London, has released “Seventh Dimension (On Perspective)” featuring Malian singer and kora player Moussa Dembelé. The song reflects Apex Zero’s worldview, highlighting the beauty of existence while incorporating African oral history storytelling traditions.

It is the first single from his project Drummer Warrior Storyteller (Part Two), set to release in May. The project features works by various artists and utilizes different mediums such as films, paintings, metalwork, photography, and more.

Apex Zero drew inspiration from his transformative experience during the sacred Yopo ceremony of the Piaroa people in the Venezuelan Amazon, and the visuals for the album were shot across Venezuela, Peru, Barbados, and London.

Find more info on “Seventh Dimension (On Perspective)” HERE

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