Daily Discovery: Amanecer – Ensemble Sesiones del Sur (studio version)

Sesiones del Sur is a monthly concert series that aims to create a space for cultural exchange centred around Latin American music and its roots in Africa, Europe, and indigenous traditions. The sessions began as jam sessions in Leipzig in 2018, led by Mauricio Vivas, and have since evolved into various ensembles. All the musicians participating come from Latin America, Africa, and Europe, and the jam sessions and concerts provide an opportunity to exchange their cultural roots.

The ensemble named after the series, Ensemble Sesiones del Sur, showcases the diversity of Latin American music beyond stereotypes and cliches. Their sound is a fusion of various musical influences, including West African, Caribbean, and Afro-Peruvian rhythms.

“Amanecer” is the second single of their upcoming album Volvernos Aire, which will be released in May, and features an Afro-Peruvian landó with lyrics by Luise Rauer. The ensemble uses their compositions to make a statement about transcultural relationships in music and society.

Find more info and pre-order Volvemos Aire HERE

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