Daily Discovery: Amadou & Mariam – Mogolu

Amadou & Mariam, the renowned Malian duo, return with their latest single “Mogolu”, marking another chapter in their illustrious career spanning almost 50 years.

This upbeat track blends infectious Afro-pop rhythms with hypnotic melodies, showcasing the duo’s signature joyful creativity. “Mogolu”, meaning ‘people’ in Bambara, celebrates human connections and diversity, echoing their commitment to peace while inviting listeners to dance.  The song’s accompanying music video, shot in Dakar by director Ojoz and starring the talented dancer Akamz, adds visual flair to the track. 

“Mogolu” serves as a preview for Amadou & Mariam’s upcoming album “La Vie Est Belle“, a compilation capturing their musical journey over the last 20 years. Along with the greatest hits release, the duo has announced tour dates across Europe and the US, including stops at venues like Somerset House in London and festivals like WOMAD Charlton Park.