Daily Discovery: Abakuya – ADJAP Remix (feat. Jimi Sofo) (Edition spéciale)

Abakuya is a duo formed by François Essindi, Cameroonian musician and story teller, and James Sofo, Australian globe-trotter who plays electro-acoustic bass.

Their music is a fusion of traditional and modern instruments, resulting in a modern and ancient sound that is both calming and energising. Primitive Love, their first album published in 2008, features polyrhythmic traditions of Central Africa. Since the album release, their sound has evolved and been enriched with new textures, and they open us up to a new musicality.

“ADJAP Remix”, the duo’s latest single, is a perfect example of this unique blend. The tune combines traditional African instruments with modern electronic elements to create a captivating sound. The result is a call to dance and meditate.

The remix also features Essindi’s unique vocal style, which is a blend of traditional and contemporary singing techniques.

Find out more here: http://abakuya.net/

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