Daily Discovery: Marcus Gad – Forward [Baco Session]

New Caledonian roots reggae singer/songwriter Marcus Gad has recently paid a visit to Baco Studio in Bordeaux, where he recorded an acoustic version of “We Were Blessed” with the addition of a horn section, enriching the track with an even more dynamic sound.

The song is part of his new album Ready For Battle, which has been long-awaited by fans. The album was written and recorded in 2018-2019 and reflects Gad’s call for a collective awakening and resistance to the profit-driven world that divides and conquers us.

The album’s 14 tracks call for solidarity and encourage us to rethink our lives to be more in accordance with our environment. The recording of the album also exemplifies this collective approach, as it was recorded live in the studio, with all the musicians playing together at the same time. This allowed for artistic emulation and spontaneous touches of color, resulting in a tighter overall sound. Marcus Gad’s unique cultural background and meditative approach to roots reggae are reflected in his music, making for a unique and powerful listening experience.

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