Event Preview: Arsenal of Sounds #6 w/ Olcay Bayir and Noga Ritter @ Woolwich Works (London; Friday, 3rd March 2023)

On Friday the 3rd of March, to move ahead with our round-the-world journey in sounds, Arsenal of Sounds will reach the Middle East and Turkey and meet two musicians who are strengthening the diversity of the London music scene and also reinforcing its inclusivity messages.

Olcay Bayir (who will be accompanied by saz player Ozan Baysal) and Noga Ritter (with her quartet) are thought-provoking singer and songwriters who have dedicated their careers to their roots (grounded in Turkey and Israel), but also felt the need to expand their artistic vision exploring and welcoming sounds and elements from traditions from around the world.

The two musicians also share a common musical approach, which actively aims at empowering women and equality and is affirmed through energetic and powerful vocals.

On Friday 3rd of March, join us at Woolwich Works for an all-female double-bill show and an inspiring and heartening evening of music. You can get you ticket/s HERE.

Arsenal of Sounds is an event series meant to celebrate London-based musicians from all over the world, their music and the British capital cultural scene. As music is a reflection and expression of its times, it also embodies and gives voice to people’s struggles, challenges and grief.

For this reason, in parallel to but distinctly from our upcoming event, we want to spread the word about a donation call to support the people living in the Turkey and Syria earthquake-affected region.

Together with Olcay Bayir and Noga Ritter, we would like to invite you to back and donate to the fundraiser organised by TiP Vakfı Foundation to provide “essential resources for building container cities, such as containers, generators, portable toilets, tents, and heaters, as well as immediate needs like sanitary products and food”.

To learn more about the campaign and how to make a donation, please follow THIS LINK or scan the QR code below.