Album Review: Namlo – s/t

Nepalese folk music is one of those ancient musical traditions from Asia with a spellbinding power over anyone’s ears. The weaving and tender melodies voice the Himalayan breeze and nature all around. The harmonization of wind and string instruments forges unique compositions, floating between Nepalese verdant landscapes and anywhere else that a spiritual careful listening can bring one’s imagination. This is part of the distinctive gift Namlo offers on a silver plate with the homonymous album released in March 2017. Not only will their resonance in Nepalese music soothe your mood, but the acoustic reverberation with further cultural traditions will brighten your day.

Composed by world-musicians based in London, Namlo brings together reminiscences of cross-cultural rhythms, from West Africa to Latin America, as well as melodies of indigenous music from Nepal. Congolese drums, Indian tabla, Nepalese bamboo flutes, Latin American guitar riffs. Meaning ’strap’, Namlo pictures a basket transporting cultural goods around the world. They already played in famous festivals in the UK and Nepal, receiving deserved acclaim for original solidarity and joyful performances. Don’t miss out on a chance to enjoy Nepalese low-profile musical heritage and rejuvenate your ears via London’s global music scenario.