Album Review: Hysterrae – Hysterrae [Linfa Records; December 2023]

Words by Tatiana Naryshkina


Hysterrae’s self-titled debut album offers a captivating and innovative exploration of world music, blending traditional elements with contemporary influences. This collaborative effort features four acclaimed world music artists from diverse ethnic and musical backgrounds, along with electronic music producer Emanuele Flandoli, resulting in a unique and mesmerising listening experience.

The album draws inspiration from a rich tapestry of cultural influences, spanning from Iran to Campania, and from Valle d’Itria to Salento. Each artist contributes their unique musical traditions, creating a fusion that transcends borders and ethnic groups.

The word “Hysterrae,” signifying the mother’s womb in ancient Greek and representing Earth’s womb, adds conceptual depth to the album. The thematic focus on Mother Earth conveys a message of unity and highlights the interconnectedness of humanity with our shared existence on Earth.

The abstraction of original elements from each tradition contributes to the creation of a hypnotic journey. The blend of voices, percussion, melodies, and circularity immerses the listener in a trance-like experience that transcends cultural boundaries.

The inclusion of percussive rhythms, evocative polyphonic voices, and the integration of dub and EDM elements showcases a bold and forward-thinking approach to world music. The fusion of ancient and contemporary sounds adds a layer of complexity and modernity to the traditional roots.

The collaboration of highly skilled and acclaimed artists such as Cinzia Marzo, Shadi Fathi, Irene Lungo, and Silvia Gallone brings a wealth of expertise to the project. Their contributions, both individually and collectively, create a dynamic and harmonious musical landscape.

The album successfully transports the listener to a ritualistic space, evoking a sense of timelessness. It bridges the gap between ancient traditions and the electronic tribality of contemporary sound, offering a refreshing and boundary-defying musical experience.

Overall, “Hysterrae” stands out as a thought-provoking and sonically rich album that pushes the boundaries of world music. The collaboration between diverse talents results in a cohesive and groundbreaking work that is likely to resonate with listeners seeking a unique and immersive musical journey. All seven tracks are worth listening to, but “Ruvida” and “Aziz Djun” are particularly captivating and have been on repeat in my headphones.



Hysterrae was released back in December 2023 via Linfa Records.
You can get your copy of the album HERE