We have partnered with Rich Mix to provide extended coverage of world music events at their venue.  We want to be crystal clear about what this arrangement entails and assure you that this agreement will not bias out content.  We have agreed to produce a certain number of previews, reviews and interviews about goings on at Rich Mix each month, what we decide to cover will be of our choosing.  In return Rich Mix will  share our articles on their social media and promote posts as well as including links to the articles on their email newsletters.  If we produce a review of a gig that is negative we will still publish it but they might decide not to share it but we are under no obligation to write positive articles as these are not sponsored/promoted articles, therefore they may or may not wish to share the articles.  Likewise if we deem an event not worth covering for a preview then we wont cover it.

Rich Mix is one of the most important venues in London for world music programming and we are pleased to be increasing our coverage of the venue and supporting this fantastic arts centre.