November 12


7:00 PM

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Fox and Firkin

Our 3rd day of the EFJ London Jazz Festival 2023 bring to the Fox a double album launch of two emerging British bands: Twospeak & Valia Calda.


Twospeak defies the conventional soundscape of the vibrant British jazz scene, as Kind of Jazz aptly notes. Their music, a thrilling amalgamation of avant-garde jazz, rock, and indie sensibilities, is masterfully crafted by saxophonist Ronan Perrett. The grand unveiling of their latest LP, ‘Fictions’, released under the None More Records label, promises to be a musical extravaganza. The event will also feature a DJ set from the label itself.

This London-based ensemble skillfully melds jazz, rock, and electronic elements, weaving a tapestry of highly dynamic rhythms, as eloquently described by Music is my Sanctuary. Ronan Perrett, the creative force behind this endeavor, shares that the genesis of this album dates back to 2020 when he embarked on a unique artistic journey. He drew inspiration from non-musical forms of art, such as paintings, books, sculptures, and films, translating their essence into musical motifs comprising notes, rhythms, and structures. Each composition is aptly christened after its original muse, with the primary objective of encapsulating the narrative, character, and mood of the source artwork within the realm of music.


The psychedelic jazz band Valia Calda present at London Jazz Festival 2023 their new album ‘Homeland’, which was released in May 2023. An exploration of Valia Calda’s musical roots, which lie in the folk music of Epirus and psychedelic jazz, and tangle with punk inspired guitar riffs and meditative improvisations.

Valia Calda’s music draws inspiration from the struggles of displacement, both physical and ideological. Emerging in 2013 on the London Jazz scene, led by guitarist Nikos Ziarkas and bassist Thodoris Ziarkas, their sound is rooted in Greek Epirus folk music and psychedelic jazz, infused with punk-inspired guitar riffs and modal improvisations. Joined by talents like Sam Warner on trumpet, James Allsopp on saxophone, and drummer Gaspar Sena, they explore new musical horizons in their latest album, “Homeland,” gaining recognition and airplay worldwide. Valia Calda weaves a diverse sonic tapestry, mixing meditative improvisations, psychedelic elements, folk traditions, and explosive drumbeats, continually expanding their musical boundaries. They’ve toured internationally and graced esteemed venues and festivals, receiving acclaim on radio stations across the US and Europe, including BBC Radio 3, NPR, Jazz FM, KEXP, and more.

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