The Beirut Groove Collective at The Jago


July 14 - 9:30 PM


July 15 - 3:00 AM

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The Jago

440 Kingsland Road

London, United Kingdom, E8 4AA

The BGC’s more than decade-old clubnight with obscure & underground soul-fuelled clubbing records from the SWANA region and around the world

Now entering its 14th year, the Beirut Groove Collective is a collective of vinyl DJs, crate diggers, music obsessives and artists. For over a decade, the BGC has thrown one of the SWANA region’s most popular underground clubnights in Beirut, the BGC All-Nighter, which has built an international reputation for its distinctive sound and attracted some of the world’s leading DJs, turntabalists, crate diggers and record collectors. At their parties, the BGC plays obscure and underground clubbing records from the ‘60s-‘80s from the Middle East, Africa and around the world, an eclectic mix of Lebanese ‘60s Garage and Beat, Bellydance Psych, Arabic Disco, Latin Tarab, Armenian estradayin, Ethiopian and Sudanese Jazz, Rare Soul and Funk, Psychedelia and much more.

The New York Times included the BGC clubnights in their list of the “Top 15” parties around the world, and they’ve been featured everywhere from The Guardian and Monocle Magazine to ARTE, the BBC, Time Out London and Vice Magazine.

Starting as an underground funk and soul party in the living room of community space Zico House in Beirut, the party soon evolved into its present day strictly-vinyl format, expanding musically to showcase some of the pioneering records and diverse music scenes that came out of Beirut – a cosmopolitan hub for music – and the wider region in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. Over the years, the collective has helped shape Lebanon’s alternative clubbing culture, throwing regular parties in basement clubs, abandoned beachside villas and warehouse spaces in the forgotten fringes of Beirut. Six years ago, the BGC evolved into a weekly clubnight in Beirut and in 2021, the collective brought their clubnights to London with monthly residencies in grassroots venues across the city, as well as guest appearances at festivals, clubs and community spaces around the world.

Line up :

Ernesto Chahoud

Natalie Shooter

+ Guests

PLEASE NOTE AS PER VENUE POLICY LAST GUARANTEED ENTRY WITH A TICKET IS MIDNIGHT. Please get to the venue before MIDNIGHT for guaranteed entry and to avoid queuing

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