La Delio Valdez London Debut


November 19


7:00 PM - 10:30 PM

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The Garage

La Delio Valdez – the monster 15 piece Cumbia orchestra from Argentina – are set to play in London for the very first time during the fall of 2023!

Who is La Delio Valdez;
La Delio Valdéz is an Argentinean music group known for their fusion of Colombian rhythms, cumbia and salsa. With their energetic performances, they have developed their own style based on cumbia as a musical rhythm that unites Latin America as a common language.

La Delio Valdez takes up the great orchestral tradition of the continent. Its cooperative organization refers to the historical Argentinian Tango Orchestras; its theatricality on stage brings up the great Caribbean Orchestras, embracing powerful and overwhelming sound and dance as their main style feature.

Hailing from Argentina, La Delio Valdéz has captivated international audiences with their infectious melodies, infectious beats, and dynamic stage presence. With their fusion of traditional cumbia, salsa, reggae, and rock, the band has become recognizable and irreplacable within the global music scene.

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