November 9


7:30 PM

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Scala Kings Cross

It’s fair to say that none of the band expected their run to be quite that successful. It’s also no exaggeration to say that Flamingods only really discovered their true selves during the past two years. “We really became strong as a brotherhood while touring Majesty,” Kamal explains. “And that meant that when we were going into this album,the dynamic of the band had changed completely.”

“We were constantly thinking about how we can make this record better than anything we’ve done before,” says Kamal when asked what the bands original aims for Levitation were back in Margate. “We’ve been on this path for years, often in difficult circumstances and it feels like it’s all led up to this. We’ve taken everything we learnt from being on the road and melded that into trying to make the best possible record we could.”

He’s not wrong: Levitation is a revelation, rich and layered with beautiful ideas and deep thoughts on the paths we all take. With any luck, it’ll also be the album that sees Flamingods take their place as one of our most treasured, articulate and forwardthinking bands…

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