Cajun Après-Midi at Jamboree (Afternoon Show)


August 10


1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

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Here’s a new event page for our monthly Saturday afternoon of Cajun at Jamboree, taking place on the second Saturday of each month <3 The afternoon features a Cajun dance lesson, live Cajun dance music and a Cajun-style electric jam! Come and enjoy an afternoon of high-energy Cajun two steps, waltzes, and blues, with some rare & special double-fiddle numbers thrown in. The schedule for Saturday January 13th is as follows! 1:30-2pm: Cajun dance lesson 2-5pm: Cajun dance to live music with the Lá -Bas Cajun Band avec Owen Spafford. The band features: Ian McIlroy - Accordion /Vocals Miriam Hogan Guitar/ Vocals Owen Spafford Fiddle 4-5pm: Jam! For the last hour of the dance, the stage will open up & musicians will be welcome to join the band for a Cajun-style electric jam. How does an "electric jam" work? A Cajun electric jam is different from acoustic jams you might be familiar with, since we maintain a dance band lineup and continue to play for dancers from the stage. That means the number of people who are playing for any given song is kept small, and musicians take turns on stage. There'll be a signup list by the stage, where any musician with an instrument is welcome to sign up to play. Everyone who signs up will get a chance to join in and play one or more Cajun songs in the band. If you're new to Cajun music or a less confident musician, don't be intimidated by this! You'll be fully supported by the band to play whatever you're comfortable with. If you want to choose a song (or several), we'll play it with you. If you prefer just to sit in and play songs we choose, that's fine too. If you're not comfortable being amplified, that's also ok. This is a fun way for anyone to experience playing with experienced Cajun musicians as part of a dance band. Everyone is welcome! Entry: Free!

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