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Image specifications for photographers

– Resize all images to 1050px longest edge
– Format .jpg
– Quality set to between 90-100 the image will be processed when watermarked so don’t worry about file sizes
– Make sure the cover photo is landscape (see the homepage ‘featured section’)
– You can crop the image how you like, just keep in mind where the watermark will go
– Make sure you read the Naming Conventions section of the wiki before uploading ANY images

Post Processing

Please post process your images, these days you can have the best kit in the world but if you don’t post process your images they end up looking less exciting than something shot on an iPhone and processed with instergram.

The basics

– Adjust your over all exposure especially paying attention to the luminance of the skin tones.  Brush in Extra exposure on areas you want to bring more attention to if necessary but go easy.  Vignettes can also help draw the attention to the subject but never make it so dense that it looks like a solid colour around the edge.
– Is the lighting making the skin tones look odd? Maybe adjust the colour temperature and tint (shoot RAW!)
– Add in a little contrast and clarity and sharpening so the image looks crisp but don’t go mad there is nothing worse than an image that looks over filtered in this way
– Remember keep it looking natural. If you are more advanced with you post processing techniques and want to make it look more like film rather than digital that’s fine so long as it looks like film and doesn’t look like fake post processing.
– Feel free to crop the image for better composition without making it look like a film strip 😉




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