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  1. Whatever obstacle comes your way, you gotta be prepared to jump over it! And I think that’s what separates the legends from the regular artists. It’s all in how you manage that success, and how you deal with the controversy when it actually comes. I’m very inspired about the Queens. I started to pick a guitar because of their music. Meeting them will be a dream come true.

  2. Beatifully written, made me wish I had been there. You should be writing the blurb for the WOMAD catalogue!

  3. Seb, thank You so much for this superb review of our performance @ Jazz Café !
    I love yours photos to! Vert beautiful and full of emotion.

  4. Really great insightful article including the picture, taking you to the heart of the concert to feel the music and the band as though you were there.

  5. Greetinngs, my name is Aly Cissé from Mali I just would like to let Vieux know how we young Malians are proud of him.The hardest thing in life according to me is to live up to people expectations when have somebody like Ali Farka Touré as managed to find your way out of his shadow by dtill following the track left by him.Hats down Samba Hamadi Touré you are our pride and a source of admiration and motivation.
    Aly Cissé Yaya Dramé’s friend.

  6. We saw Anda Union when the played their Morecambe gig a couple of weeks ago and found them mesmerising

  7. This is fantastic. Thanks for turning me onto La Mambanegra!

    Although you say, “With its many acoustic instruments La Galeria asks us to listen and to take in Latin tradition, in an age of DJs and electronic music.” — there is still tons of new, organic music that’s superior to electro garbage. It’s not a challenge to make people dance with acoustic drums. Plenty of bands (Latin & gringo) are doing it well.

    Maybe it’s a challenge to get white, suburban 16 year old gringos to dance to this…but who cares.

    1. Hi Piers, on the audio player look for the words soundcloud on the top right and underneath there is a little down arrow with a line underneath

  8. An excellent collection of old creole music! A must have for music record collectors!!

  9. A compilation would be separate tracks, this is a continuous mix. Not useful for any DJ’s or anyone wanting individual songs.

    1. We would love to be able to provide single tracks but as we are giving this away for free the stipulation and licence agreement with the record labels requires that the tracks we compile are in a single track. If we were selling this we could of course give you single track but we are giving it away for free. You can purchase many of the tracks on Juno, Amazon or Itunes and sometimes some of the tracks we include are free to download on the artists Soundcloud pages

    1. Hi Graeme, unfortunately due to our agreement with the record labels the mixes are only allowed to be available for download for 1 week only. However now that you have signed up for the mailing list you will never miss another one. We have also just launched a new section of the website dedicated to DJ mixes there are 4 to start and there will be a new one each Monday. These are streaming only but will remain online (on the top navigation bar of the website click “DJs”) Hope you enjoy!

  10. You say: “…imported from Cuba during the slave trade.” Please consider which way the slave trade flowed – it was African rhythms that were exported to the west…

    1. Hi Rhoda,

      It was more the music form of Sokous that was influenced by Cuban music i.e 2 sections, but indeed Sokous was imported to Cuba rather than from, my mistake!

  11. This sounds awesome. I love Cumbia Volcadora. Can’t wait to download the record and listen to more. they must be amazing live band.

  12. Inna Modja is a breath of fresh air! A versatile and genuine musician, an acitivist, a proud African woman… What more could I ask for? Mali is one of my favourite countries in West Africa, it’s rich musical culture being one of the primary reasons. Great interview.

  13. I am a new fan….I heard Nduduko and Ayanda Sikade, Magne Thormodsacter, and Leon Scharnick @ the The Orbit in Jo’burg Dec 2016….AWESOME. Thanks for the article

  14. Loved Aurelio at Rich Mix- Amazing fusion of sounds fr0m Zimbabwe, (Makoomba) Congo, Hawaii, Caribbean, everywhere.. Was his tracks all original?. felt Id heard a couple before.

  15. I was young when ‘Ah Ndiya’ was released. My father brought the song home, after his stay in northern Nigeria where the song was a hit.
    Till date, some northern Nigerians assume the song is from one of the many ethnic groups there.
    Sangare is indeed a jewel from Mali.

    1. Hello Isaac. Yes, Oumou Sangaré is truly a jewel from Mali. She is Wassoulou, which is actually a dialect of the Fula or Fulani language. That is why she enjoys such following in northern Nigeria where’s there’s a very large number of Fulani speakers.

  16. I have always loved her music. What really attracted me to her songs so much, was the completeness of her song (moussoulou)which I heard on air way back in 1995.I said to myself after hearing the song,that this singer is just too good to ignore.

  17. Sergio you are an artist that will live on and on similar to the composers whose music you so admirably played this past Saturday September 23, 2017 at the Getty Center, Museum Courtyard. The Omnipotent has bestowed upon you enviable gifts. I had the fortune of being a witness sharing your talent.
    With this sincere note of congratulations I would like to introduce yours truly.
    I am a singer/composer, my professional stage career began years ago performing the songs of all the composers you represented in your concert.
    When I heard you, it occurred to me, in keeping with today’s view of including “yesterday’s children” in the entertainment field, if you ever consider including a Spanish (and English) yesterday’s singer/performer, I am at your disposition.
    If you would like a detailed bio and my compositions I will be privileged to send them to you.
    Thank you.
    Your forever admirer.
    Consuelo Sedano

  18. This is a first class review. Not a pointless puff piece nor needlessly negative, just an individual’s honest interpretation evocatively expressed. This is a tick, or gold star depending on your schooling.

  19. Hendrix’s shows were usually a big mess if you were looking for smooth showmanship. And too short. But if you were looking for great playing, they were incomparable. I’m going to see Toure’s show on Friday in Albuquerque and looking forward to great playing, even if the production values are not up to Disney’s standards.

  20. I’ve been listening to this album for 15 years now, and it still moves me now in 2018. I would go so far as to say, if I had to take just one album to the grave and listen to for eternity, Grit would make the final cut of.. maybe three albums? It might even be the one!

  21. I am so glad that Rhythm Passport got their shit together and started to compile these samplers .I’ve got most of them It’s a work in progress and as far as I am concerned a work well done .Keep up the good work

  22. I think you will find the voice coming from the phone was that of Komitas. – according to my musicologist Armenian wife who was with me at the concert.

  23. “ If you’re willing to listen to anything and experience everything, then this is the festival for you.”
    Well said. Womad in a nutshell.

  24. Absolutely LOVE iTTTT! immediately got me. brilliant music, vocals recording, video VIIIBE! clicky like morning crickets, to the warmest darkest night lit up by candles and fireflies. Crisp , driving, hypnotic, deep EPIC!

  25. Great mix as usual, thanks! SoundCloud link doesn’t work! By the way
    I can only recommend to check out Hailu Mergia new album!

  26. Wonderful, thank you so much for putting all your mixes together, leads me to discover so much great music around the world. <3

  27. Great viagem through to Lisboa “Alfama” and “Caparica” refers to Costa de Caparica a coastal city where I live, and most part of “lisboetas”, enjoy the sandy beaches.

  28. Ce serait Ma-Gni-Fique si on pouvait avoir accès à ces podcast via téléchargement 🙂

  29. Wow, nostalgia made me nostalgic…. Beautiful deep and with a beat that’s elevates like the lyrics

  30. 2021.. Still listening to Oumou Sangaré – Moussolou no thanks to an earworm. Kept buzzing..

  31. This album is simply amazing and I Love it from first time! Great piece of artwork.

  32. We are thrilled to have our debut single and upcoming album in the Rhythm Passport mix !
    Thanks for listening
    Wally Ingram and Spadei Krewe

  33. This woman, who heals her broken heart with the plants of her garden, is one of the most beautiful jewels of the Latin American songbook.

    In collaboration with Georgina Hassan, this song, with a delicate vocal arrangement by Pablo Allende, takes on another dimension of sister singer-songwriters united by the music of Violeta Parra.

  34. A progressive group with a wonderful meaning that continues to positively influence anyone who listens. The underlying sense of human connection they present goes beyond the comprehension of languages and speaks directly to the soul of each and every person throughout the world. I do not speak French, I am not a long time fan and I have never been to a performance but their international approach to music speaks to me in an amazing way that I cannot fully explain in detail. Regardless, I will continue to spread awareness to this band to all my friends and family in the USA and hopefully influence others to start listening as well! 🙏😁💚